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Auto Repair Shop Loans to Re-Tool Your Shop

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Auto repair shop financing help mechanics and auto body shops maintain the steady cash flow that’s so crucial to success. Without auto repair shop loans, it’s difficult to compete in an industry where tight budget constraints are the norm and customers are always hunting for the best deal for their car.

QuickBridge helps vehicle repair shops meet those needs by providing small business loans exactly when they are needed. With an easy application process and straightforward loan terms, our auto repair shop loans let you shift your business into high gear.


Flexible Ways to Use Auto Repair Shop Loans

Car mechanics and body shops often face the same financial challenges as any other small business, but they also contend with some that are unique to the auto repair shop industry:

• Purchasing specialized diagnostic equipment and tools can be a costly investment.
• Local talent shortages drive up hiring costs while current employees are overworked.
• Inventory from wholesalers can be delayed, eating up cash and valuable time.

But being a small-business owner in any trade requires keeping a level head as any number of financial emergencies and headaches pop up, including:

• Tax bills that are higher than expected.
• Running short on cash just before payday.
• Chasing late invoices and inventory delays.
• Attracting new customers in a crowded market.

Using the right auto repair shop loans help shop owners regain their footing from an unexpected cash shortage. Even better, it can serve as the spark that finally gets your auto repair or body shop business in motion to chase the most lucrative opportunities.

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Auto Repair Shop Financing That Works

There’s no reason for your auto repair shop business to stay stuck in neutral. QuickBridge works with small-business owners to meet their precise financing needs, right when they need it. That helps you save and invest your energy into running the shop you’ve always wanted.

• Our fast online application process doesn’t waste your time.
• With no complicated loan terms, you can put your loan to use quickly.
• Just a click or call away, our customer support teams are always ready to help.

Is your shop in need of a tune-up? Talk with QuickBridge about how auto repair business loans can make it happen.

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Small Business Loans to Fund Your Auto Repair Shop:
• Body Shop Equipment
• Computer Hardware & Software
• Garage Tools
• Garage Space Rent
• Payroll
• Vehicle Lifts
• Taxes
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